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We supply and repair LCD monitors for LVD CNC machines.

Convert your LVD CRT to a modern LCD. We provide replacement LVD LCD TFT monitors, displays or screens for various LVD CNC machines, including:

  • LVD BARCO MNC 95C monitor, 12.1″ LCD replacement for the 14″ CRT (our p/n LCD12-0092)
  • LVD CADMAN CNC monitor, 12.1″ LCD replacement for the original LCD (our p/n LCD12-0186)

Call us on +44 (0) 7711 289545 or Email.

To ensure we supply the correct monitor for your machine, if possible, please supply any of the following information about your existing monitor:

  • Machine manufacturer and model
  • Controller manufacturer and model
  • The original monitor size (measured diagonally in inches)
  • Is the original monitor colour or monochrome (usually orange or green)
  • Is the original monitor an old CRT (cathode ray tube) or a modern flat panel LCD
  • Description or photo of the video cable connectors used on the original monitor



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