Frontek CCFL inverter modules for LCD industrial displays

Frontek lcd backlight inverter

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Description Manufacturer  Our part number:
FIF1011-01A Frontek 8540125R read more
FIF1021-01B Frontek 8541049 read more
FIF1222-31A Frontek 8540123R read more
FIF1311-01B Frontek 8540983 read more
FIF1521-03D Frontek 8541211R read more
FIF1521-05B Frontek 8541212R read more
FIF1521-07A Frontek 8541213R read more
FIF1521-31B Frontek 8541214R read more
FIF1521-31D Frontek 8541215R read more
FIF1521-35A Frontek 8541185R read more
FIF1542-02A/C Frontek 8541216R read more
FIF1542-06B Frontek 8541218R read more
FIF1542-31B Frontek 8541219R read more
FIF1742-32A/C Frontek 8541220R read more
FIF1742-34B Frontek 8541222R read more
FIF1742-40A Frontek 8541223R read more
FIF1742-45A Frontek 8541136R read more
FIF1742-57A Frontek 8540119R read more
FIF1942-32C Frontek 8540120R read more
FIF1942-33B Frontek 8541000R read more

Frontek FIF1742-34B Backlight Inverter

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