Replace your existing ProtoTrak monitor display screen with a modern, energy efficient, flat screen LCD display. We have replacement LCD screens for ProtoTrak AGE 2, A.G.E. 2, AGE 3, A.G.E. 3, LX2, LX3, M2, M3, MX2, MX3, and SMX controllers which were extensively used by XYZ Machine Tools and Southwestern Industries.

Our monitors have been designed and developed to be fully compatible with the original CRT monitors, and are supplied with a mounting system and electrical connections to enable simple do-it-yourself installation, without the need for modifications.

All of our new monitors are covered by an extensive 2 year warranty, supported by us in the UK, and backed by the manufacturer Tsubis GmbH in Germany. Stour Valley Systems are the sole, official Tsubis agent in the UK.

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