PCB Repair Service

PCB Repair ServiceIf you have a reliability challenge or are throwing away equipment that is “beyond economical repair”, talk to us – our Dorset based PCB Repair Services offer a cost effective solution for most types of printed circuit boards.

Let us take the cost risk of determining if your PCB is repairable or not. If we cannot repair the board, we do not charge. We will access the status of the board and provide you with a quotation before performing the repair. If you do not wish us to continue, there will be no charge other than the cost of returning the product to you.

PCB Repair Services

Our PCB Repair Service capabilities include both surface mount devices (excluding BGA’s) and through-hole components. We use top of the range PACE rework soldering stations and Meji vision systems for inspection. We are happy to work on individual, one-of boards or small volumes.

Faulty Component Identification

We use a variety of techniques to identify individual faulty components, including V-I curve testing which allows us to test components without the need of applying power to the board. If you have a known good board which we can use to compare test results this will greatly aid the speed of repair.

Track or Pad Repair and PCB Laminate Repair

Often the fault on the PCB is physical damage such as broken or shorted tracks, missing pads, or burnt laminate due to overheated components. We can repair most types of physical damage.

Engineering Changes or Modifications

If you need engineering changes or circuit modifications we can perform them. This often involves changing or adding components, replacing chip resistors and capacitors, or adding wire modifications to change the circuit.

PCB Inspection and Test

Companies often have their boards assembled by third-party assembly houses and want to perform batch inspections of the assembled boards to check for correct part usage, soldering quality, component orientation and seating, etc. We use a Meji Vision System and USB Microscopes to inspect the pcb’s and to take photographs for reporting. We can then test the circuit performance against your specification and generate of full report for use in discussions with your assembly house.

Low Volume PCB Assembly

We also provide low volume assembly of pcb’s and sub-assemblies.


Call us now on 07711 289545 or drop us a line at sales@svsrepairs.co.uk. We will be pleased to help.