Mori Seiki SL-35 with Fanuc 15T control – LCD installation

LCD Monitor Installation Guide – Mori Seiki SL-35 with Fanuc 15T control

mori seiki sl-35 fanuc 15t lcd monitor display screen replace repair

Installing our LCD12-0002 LCD monitor in a Mori Seiki SL-35 with Fanuc 15T control

  1. Power down the machine.
  2. Loosen the three thumb screws holding the front door of the console, then open to reveal the back of the monitor. The CRT monitor is typically a Fanuc A02B-0094-C043.
  3. On the back of the CRT monitor, find the video connector CN1. Loosen the two small screws on the front of the connector and disconnect the video cable – this will be
  4. On the back of the CRT monitor, find the power connector CN2. Disconnect the three power wires on CN2. Red is LIVE, WHITE is NEUTRAL, GREEN is EARTH.
  5. Underneath the CRT monitor, unscrew the two screws holding the CRT to the metal chassis.crt-screws
  6. The CRT monitor can now be lifted up at the rear and slid backwards to remove it from the metal mounting frame.
  7. Remove the foam surrounding the front glass.
  8. Remove the top six nuts that hold the metal mounting frame to the front door.mounting-screws
  9. Attach the new LCD monitor to the six bolts (from step 8) and reattached the 6 nuts to hold the LCD monitor in place.
  10. Connect the video adapter cable (with blue Honda connector) supplied in the LCD kit to the video connector on the back of the LCD monitor.
  11. Connect the other end of the video adapter cable to the video cable removed in step 3.
  12. Using the supplied, rewireable, IEC power connector (kettle connector) attach the three power wires removed in step 4 to the terminals inside the rewireable IEC power connector. Earth must be connected to the centre pin. It does not matter which of the outer pins the other two wires go to (this is 85-240V AC).end-result
  13. Connect an earth wire from the earth stud on the rear of the LCD monitor to any screw on the metal mounting frame.
  14. Power up the machine as normal. The LCD monitor should automatically detect the video signal and display video on the screen.
  15. If the screen does not line up correctly, try selecting MODE 2 or MODE 3 by cycling through the MODE switch on the rear of the monitor until MODE 2 or Mode 3 appears, and then press either PLUS or MINUS to select the mode. The new mode will display after a few seconds. Select the mode which best fits the display, then use HORIZONTAL POSITION, HORZONTAL SIZE, VERTICAL POSITION, VERTICAL SIZE to correctly align the display.screen-set-up