Digital Media Display Repair

Digital Media DisplayOur LED Digital Media Screen Repair provides test, repair and restoration of a variety of outdoor and indoor LED displays and their associated Power Supplies. These range from 100mm pitch tube-based products down to 10mm pitch LED panels.

Our repaired and restored products are used at high-profile venues such as the O2 Arena, Wembley Arena, and various Premiership Football Stadiums.


  • We can turnaround and repair LED products and power supplies quicker and at much less cost than the OEM
  • We provide a free-of-charge, no obligation, assessment and quotation
  • We offer a courtesy visit to your premises to discuss all your needs
  • We do not charge if we cannot fix an item or if it is deemed beyond economical repair
  • All our repairs and refurbishments are covered by a no-fuss warranty
  • We have a fully equipped facility in the UK. This removes the need for costly and time consuming shipments to the overseas OEM (who are typically based in Asia, USA or Australasia).
  • Typical turnaround times are between 3-10 working days.
  • We can repair and restore LED Display Tubes (typically 100mm pitch)
  • We can repair and restore LED Panels (currently down to 5mm pitch)
  • Capability for SMD and Through-Hole components
  • Power Supply Repair & Testing. We have specialist test equipment capable of fast diagnosis of faults and accurate simulation of load conditions.
  • In addition to electronic repairs, we are also experts in the remanufacture and refurbishment of equipment. We strive to return your equipment to “as new” condition.
  • We are capable of low volume production and equipment modifications (electronic, electrical, and mechanical) – for example, PCB assembly and test, cable harnesses, field modification kits, etc.
  • Stour Valley Systems are a solid and dependable UK company with an enviable reputation for quality, trusted supply, and friendly service. Our reputation is built on meeting commitments and providing solutions to our customers problems.

What Our Customers Say

“Until now, we have had to send all our defective equipment back to the original manufacturer in the Far East for repair. That meant long turnaround times, administrative export overheads, and added cost, all of which impacted our service support.”

“Stour Valley Systems have been able to reverse engineer the internal operation of our equipment and produce circuit diagrams that enable them to repair and test our LED products and power supplies. Besides extending the life of our products, perhaps more importantly, Stour Valley Systems give us greater control of the repair loop which allows us to provide improved support to our customers.”

Stuart – MD of a leading UK Digital Media Display company

“…we are genuinely impressed with the quality of the refurbishment. And the small product modifications have made a big improvement to our equipment reliability in the field.”

Chris – Field Service Manager

Contact us at or call us on +44 (0)7711 289545.