Heidenhain Monitor Instructions

Heidenhain Monitor Installation Instructions

This Heidenhain monitor instruction video specifically covers the Heidenhain BC120, BC120F, and BC125 models which are used in the TNC 407,TNC 410M, TNC 410 C / P, TNC 416, TNC 426m, and TNC 430 PB controllers. Our replacement LCD display LCD15-0001 replaces the original Heidenhain CRT monitor, and is supplied with a new front panel (without the keyboard).

Heidenhain BF150 Monitor Repair

We offer a repair service for the BF150 monitor. Send us your complete monitor and we will test it free of charge to determine if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Or see the video below to repair the monitor yourself.



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Heidhenhain monitor installation guide

Completed Installation